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Understanding Casino Volatility

Players new to online casinos may not be immediately familiar with some of the terms used to describe games. Play casino games like keno at For instance, the term volatility is used by many to describe the degree to which payouts fluctuate in online and electronic games. The more players understand casino volatility, the better decisions they can make with regards to which online casino games they want to play.

High versus Low Volatility

Casino games are said to have high volatility that make payouts in a wide range check casino sites at Casino Jeux portal. For instance, players who play games with high casino volatility will either win a huge amount or they will lose a large amount. There is rarely any in between. These are the games with the highest risk and often the most potential for huge winnings. Games have a low volatility when they only require small buy-ins and regularly pay out small amounts. Players who want more of a steady set of winnings will prefer games with low volatility.

Games with High Volatility

Many casinos will offer a variety of games with either high or low volatility like Blackjack Game for example, to attract both the thrill seekers and those who prefer a sure thing. Games like keno almost always have high volatility as players who actually manage to win the game want to walk away with huge winnings. Slots can vary widely, with penny slots giving the lowest volatility and progressive slots giving some of the highest.

Players need to choose for themselves whether they prefer the risk of high volatility games or those with much lower casino volatility. By looking at the pay tables for various games, they can find ones that fit their needs best and soon enjoy their winnings, they can play at Bwin Casino online.