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The Odds of Online Keno

Keno has grown in popularity as online gambling has spread. Check Keno games at site. Players love how easy it is to play and the wide spectrum of potential winnings. However, most players don't know about the complex odds that fuel the game. With a house edge that is much higher than most slots games and payout percentages that are much lower, players should be aware of exactly what odds they are getting when they play online keno, check casino site at Casino Jeux portal.

How the Odds are Calculated

In online keno, players are given a grid of numbers 1 through 80. Your Keno Strategies will be handy on every game. They can choose between 5 and 20 of those numbers to bet on, and then the random number generator chooses 20 of its own numbers. The odds of getting any match depend on how many numbers the player bets on. Yet, because there are always 80 potential numbers and 20 are always picked by the keno game, calculating the odds for 20 numbers is fairly easy.

The Odds of Winning

If the player does bet on all 20, then he or she has a few odds to pay attention to, try playing Keno for Football Fans just for fun. The odds of winning and matching all 20 numbers that the keno machine picks are 1 in 3,535 quadrillion. In other words, it's almost impossible to match all 20 numbers, no matter how lucky a player might be. Matching 10 numbers is much more doable with odds of 1 in 253. Players are very likely to match 5 numbers, as 1 in 4 players accomplished that.

For players who think they're going to get rich by winning keno, the odds are definitely against them. However, it is possible to win smaller victories, and players should enjoy the process of doing so.