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Online Keno for Football Fans

When it comes to watching sports, most fans around the world will choose to watch football due to its high level of excitement and huge crowds you can play at Football can be found in casino settings in a number of ways, including slot machines, video poker games and, these days, even keno.

About Keno

Keno is a game that resembles a lottery in a number of ways. In fact, most people describe it as a cross between a lottery and bingo always have your Keno Strategies handy. To participate, players will purchase a card and then pay for the bet types they wish to play. Then, depending on the bets selected, players can choose anywhere from one to 20 numbers on the keno card. The croupier will draw numbers from a hopper and the more numbers the player can match, the more that player wins.

Football Keno

Football keno is played similarly to the standard game with a few extra rules along the way, learn the Odds of Online Keno. Instead of a typical keno card, players are provided with a card that resembles a football field with 80 players in five lines. Of these 80 figures, there are nine different shirt colors from which the player can choose. Once selected, the player will 'scratch off' the shirt color of their choice and find the keno number associated with it on the card.

Free Keno Games

Some online casinos will offer free keno games as a VIP reward or as a way to celebrate the World Cup during certain times of the year. In these games, the choices offered to players are limited, but the game still works the same way. The odds of winning will be lower and players will likely have much more competition than they would in a paid keno game always go for Secured and reliable casino site.

Though keno is not the most popular game in a casino, players often turn to it to pass the time between rounds of roulette, blackjack or baccarat. This way, they can keep their minds occupied and have yet another chance to win big.